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Our Business practices reflect our commitment to empower businesses with technology, strengthening our communities and uplift the most underprivileged sections of the society around.

SimbaQuartz offers full-time, remote experts guaranteed to boost the speed and quality of your project's development.

Our hourly rates range from USD $15/h to USD $60/h, depending on the seniority level.

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Corporate Social Responsibility


We are committed to take care of such critical medical cases who need urgent attention.


In the world of rapid globalisation, still education is inaccessible right for millions of children aroundthe world. Therefore, considering the vitalness of the education SimbaQuartz is constantly workingto impart requisite education through technology among the underprivileged children.


Over-consumption of natural resources has been so prolonged that our nature hasdeteriorated to such an extent that it needs immediate attention. SimbaQuartz is constantlyworking to eradicate the environmental issues through our tree plantation drives.